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S’poreans worried cleaners will lose their jobs if we cleared our own trays

Posted on 22 May 2016

Ensuring livelihoods part of nation-building efforts, they insist.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe reasons should conform to actions, said they do not agree they must clean up after themselves and clear their own trays in hawker centres.

This after there has been a major push for more tray-return systems implemented in eating places all over the island.

One Singaporean, Zho Ho Lang, said she is not going to return any trays regardless: “If I clear my own tray, I will deprive jobs to cleaners. If not, what would old people do? Retire?”

“And as a Singaporean, I believe providing employment is part of nation-building efforts. That’s what the PAP does.”

Another regular foodcourt patron, Su Kah Chiak, said he is worried that if he clears his own trays, he will deprive old people a chance to exercise: “I heard that old people like to do menial labour as a way of exercising.”

“So I really don’t want to deprive them of this chance to get healthy by clearing our trays on our behalf.”

But not all are against self-service tray-clearing.

One supporter of the tray-return scheme, Zi Ji Lai, said: “The mass unemployment of old people will become a hot button issue in time to come.”







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