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S’poreans apologise to MPs & ministers for making them work so hard

Posted on 16 May 2016

All our fault, Singaporeans said.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe being a public servant is its own reward, are kneeling down and apologising to members of parliament and ministers.

This after they found out that MPs and ministers have to work very hard all the time solving Singaproeans’ problems to the point they get tired.

One Singaporean, Dui Bu Qi, said she is very regretful for giving MPs and ministers so many issues to solve all the time: “I am sorry MPs and ministers. Please forgive me.”

“Because of me, you all have to work to come up with solutions to make my life have fewer problems.”

“If only I didn’t have any expectations, let alone hopes and dreams.”

“And what do you get for all this effort? Just a few million dollars a year for ministers and few hundred thousand dollars for MPs.”

“Totally not worth it.”

Other locals said they wished MPs and ministers can work less hard.

Another Singaporean, Wusuo Shi Shi, said: “Being an MP or minister is its own reward. Even when you don’t get anything done.”







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