Mothers apologise to SAF, Mindef for troubling them with taking care of NS-going sons

Posted on 08 May 2016

Mothers have issued a statement saying they are deeply sorry.


Singaporean mothers from all walks of life, who have sons going to serve or are serving National Service, have come out to apologise to the Singapore Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence.

This after they said they understand how troublesome it feels for SAF and Mindef to have to take care of their NS-enlisting and enlisted sons and blamed themselves for causing this state of affairs to happen.

One mother, Dui Bu Qi, said: “I’m sorry, SAF and Mindef. It is my fault that my son has a preexisting condition that has not been diagnosed and declared.”

“If anything bad befalls him during training, it is most certainly my fault and his fault for being genetically-predisposed to ailments and not making his health conditions clearer to you all.”

“And as a result, he cannot defend his country properly.”

Other parents said they want to personally apologise to all the SAF regulars who are in charge of the full-time national servicemen serving NS.

Another mother, Zhen Bao Qian, said: “I’m sorry, commanders. Because I gave birth to a son, you all have been given this unwanted responsibility of ensuring he makes it out of training alive and in one piece.”

“If only other mothers and I gave birth to daughters, none of this responsibility would have been placed on your broad, IPPT-enhanced, rank insignia-laden shoulders.”

“And we’re sorry my son was being born in Singapore and as a result you all need to take care of him for two years to make sure he doesn’t die.”

“Truly sorry.”

SAF and Mindef must use Majulah power.

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