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Man picks fish as first dish when buying economy rice to signal he’s a serious spender

Posted on 17 May 2016

Move puts him at 90th percentile of big spenders at the stall.


To show that he is committed to spending big, a Singaporean man picked a seafood dish at the economy rice stall during lunch time in full view of everyone else in the queue behind him.

Jiak Cai Png, a local, said: “I picked the fish dish first to demonstrate early that I am a high-roller, a shark. I’m here to spend big because I can have seafood.”

“Then for the second choice of dish, I chose chicken with long beans, which is still considered a meat dish. At this point, my meal is already costing $5.20, which puts me at the 90th percentile for spenders compared to the rest of the people in line.”

However, the move was instead a strategy to get more food.

Jiak said: “Before picking the third dish, I played it cool by by saying ‘Hmmm’, which made the server think I am gunning for something else and I am still thinking about my choices,” he explained. “But I quickly revert to saying, ‘Ok, that’s it’, which caused the server to quickly pick up another three pieces of beans and put them on my plate or else it will look conspicuously not enough to be worth $5.20.”

Sources said the next person in the queue picked bean sprouts as the first dish which relieved the pressure for everyone else in line.







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