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Good that S’pore schools force students to cram since future jobs will be outsourced to robots anyways

Posted on 29 May 2016

Planning for the future.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe their future is in good hands, said schools in Singapore must continue their curriculum of teaching useless knowledge and skills to students.

This after Singaporeans agreed that this is appropriate as these young students will grow up to be adults with obsolete knowledge and skills, which make it a ripe a time for all jobs to be outsourced to robots in the future anyways.

One Singaporean, Cai Yuan, said: “Kids these days are fed with so much useless information and they just regurgitate like a drone.”

“But the type of drones the economy needs in the future will be a different, non-human sort of drone.”

Other locals said putting a lot of pressure on children in Singapore to excel academically is also the right move.

This will ensure they are put off by the idea of learning for good, which is an area Artificial Intelligence will take over and be much better at.

One local, Xue Xi, said: “I hope more can be done to dissuade our Singaporean students to be naturally curious and develop an appetite for wonder.”

“I hope students can be dulled further to make them even less inquisitive and ask fewer questions and really just resign to fate instead of having to retrain them to think and learn over time.”

“This will make the process to a robotics future more seamless.”







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