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Fine S’poreans for using Singlish

Posted on 24 May 2016

No one in Singapore is allowed to code-switch.


In a bid to stop Singaporeans from using Singlish in their everyday conversations, the authorities are deciding on measures such as imposing fines to discourage this practice of Singlish usage.

This after it was revealed that only people with a PhD in English Literature are allowed to code-switch between standard English and Singlish.

As such, no one is allowed to speak Singlish in Singapore as it taints the country’s economic competitiveness.

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who think the only way to solve problems is to impose fines and increase taxes, said they agreed with this move.

One Singaporean, Jiang Ying Wen, said: “Singaporeans eat rice, want us to stop this practice. Singaporeans never eat potato, now want us to eat more potato.”

“Might as well say you don’t English, then you cannot be Singaporean.”

Other locals said they agree with fining people in Singapore for not speaking English as it will make Singapore better.

Fa Kuan, a local, said: “This is a good move. This will finally stop Singapore from importing all the foreigners who speak Chinese instead of English.”







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