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Chee Soon Juan to personally point out which PAP MPs fall asleep in Parliament if elected

Posted on 02 May 2016

He will also call up absentees one by one and take their attendance.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe in checks and balances, are nodding their heads in approval.

This after the upcoming Bukit Batok by-election hustings revealed that Singapore Democratic Party candidate Chee Soon Juan has pledged to personally point out which PAP MPs fall asleep in Parliament, if he is elected.

One resident, Pong Tang, said she is heartened by his action plan: “If he sees a PAP MP sleeping, he will go over with an alarm clock and set it off.”

“He will also check the nominal roll and point out which PAP MPs are absent in Parliament and give them a call: ‘Hello? Where are you? Do you know parliament is in session today?'”

“And if the PAP MPs take too long to reassemble after the break in parliament sessions, he will go out to the pantry area and personally usher all the PAP MPs back inside to their seats individually.”

“This is to ensure no PAP MPs will ever miss attending Parliament ever again.”

Other residents said having a formal attendance-taker in Parliament bodes well for democracy.

Another Singaporean, Zhen Zhi, said: “Not only will Chee Soon Juan take their attendance, he will call them in advance to notify them about the Parliament seating so there is no longer any excuse to be absent.”

“Without this sort of checks and balances, PAP MPs might be inclined to be part-time MPs, which is not worth taxpayers’ money.”






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