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5-hour queue for Pokemon cafe at Bugis Junction signal no need for mature democracy in S’pore

Posted on 27 May 2016

Who needs a participatory culture and healthy debate on public policy when you have Pokemon?


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe apathy is the way forward, are nodding their heads in approval.

This after hundreds of people started queuing at 7am for the new Pokemon cafe to open on a weekday work day, Friday, May 27, 2016, at Bugis Junction.

The cafe officially opened its doors at 11am.

One Singaporean, Pi Kah Choo, said she is heartened by this show of support and solidarity by Singaporeans: “This shows that Singaporeans are united as one for a common cause, putting our money where our mouth is.”

“Who needs a mature democracy when you have Pokemon?”

“A participatory culture can take a back seat as long as Pikachu is around.”

However, other Singaporeans said choosing Pokemon above employment, or anything else for that matter, is a matter of choice and a sign that democracy is alive and well.

Another local, Zhua Dao Wan, said: “We shouldn’t shortchange ourselves by taking the route to maturing our democracy at more costs as it is clear Singaporeans would rather prefer mythical creatures.”

“A democracy where people are involved in politics all the time is quite dull. We need more Poke Balls.”







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