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SMRT lowers target from 100 disruption-free days to 4 disruption-free days

Posted on 26 April 2016

They will meet expectations in this case.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe in adjusting expectations to meet targets, are nodding their heads in agreement.

This after SMRT announced they will be adjusting their target of achieving 100 disruption-free days to four disruption-free days in light of new expectations.

Hao Pang Yang, a Singaporean commuter, said this will allow them to surpass expectations more easily: “Every four days, they will meet their target and reach a new milestone.”

“This is a good start.”

“After a few years, they can raise it to five disruption-free days to really demonstrate their engineering prowess.”

However, other Singaporeans said they disagreed with this lowering of standards to meet performance expectations.

Another commuter, Zhuan Qian, said: “Instead of reducing it from 100 to four days, SMRT should consider making it zero disruption-free day.”

“This way, they can peg incentives whenever they achieve just one day free of disruptions and give themselves monetary incentives for the good work done.”

“Sometimes in life when you cannot change reality, you need to pick your battles and adjust your expectations accordingly.”

“No point beating yourself up when you cannot solve intractable problems.”






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