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PAP MP Denise Phua need not apologise as living with pain & regret is punishment enough

Posted on 08 April 2016

Singapore no longer has a blame culture, Singaporeans remind her.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who recognise double standards when they see it, are consoling PAP MP Denise Phua.

This after the MP for Jalan Besar GRC apologised on Facebook to foreign workers for labelling them as “walking time-bombs”

One Singaporean, Dui Bu Qi, said the PAP MP did not have to show such contrition in the face of public backlash and most certainly did not have to say sorry: “PAP MP Denise Phua need not apologise.”

“This is because the pain and regret she has to live with is punishment enough.”

“Moreover, Singapore does not have a ‘blame’ culture now, only a ‘learn’ culture.”

However, other Singaporeans who felt even more strongly that it is not PAP MP Denise Phua’s fault have apologised to her instead.

One other local, Dao Qian, said: “Although Singapore no longer has a blame culture, it is still my fault because I am just a regular Singaporean and not part of the PAP establishment.”

“Therefore, I humbly apologise to PAP MP Denise Phua and Health Minister Gan Kim Yong for causing the Hep C outbreak at Singapore General Hospital.”

“And I also apologise to Khaw Boon Wan.”

“And Lee Hsien Loong.”

If you see Majulahs everywhere, you are a real Singaporean.

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  • Harry Chen

    Is Demise Phua running for GE 2020?

  • Phytomorphogenesis

    denise phua now not only has her fists but also her stinky feet in her foul mouth.

    Gentle Reminder – it is YOU, the rogue PAP, who has brought in those so-called “walking time-bombs”.

    denise phua, silence is golden when you have nothing better to say.