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PAP becoming more caring, less elitist ruling government

Posted on 01 April 2016

Their MPs do everything to serve Singaporeans with love and goodness.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe the People’s Action Party can do no wrong, said the political party has become a more caring and less elitist ruling government.

One Singaporean, Zhen Wei Da, said he can feel that the PAP is the best party for Singapore now and forever: “The PAP MPs are so humble and gracious. They work for their people instead of for their own narrow self-interests and enrichment.”

“PAP MPs have taken a pay cut from the private sector to join the public service to ensure Singaporeans by-and-large are well taken care of.”

“They have to put themselves unnecessarily in the public spotlight just so that Singaporeans can have a First World good life.”

“MPs and ministers, in particular, are selfless individuals who put the community, society and country above self”

“Without the PAP, Singapore would have been ruined.”

Other locals said the PAP is the best thing that has ever happened to them.

One other local, Wo Ai Ni, said he does not see a future for Singapore without the PAP being at the forefront of everything: “PAP MPs and ministers must be paid more and shown more appreciation.”

“I cannot go to sleep at night knowing that the PAP MPs and ministers are overworked and have not much time for themselves and their families.”

“We should allow all MPs to have a shadow MP by their side and pay them full salaries with benefits so that they can take turns to work.”

“And for the next election, each vote cast for the PAP must be counted as two votes.”

“Only then can I live with myself or I will feel guilt-ridden for the rest of my life.”

At press time, Singaporeans have drawn up plans to make statues of all PAP MPs to be placed in the estate they are in-charge of as a show of appreciation.






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  • Zack Tong Zihang

    *cough* Fabrications About PAP *cough*

  • Chan Joon Yee

    Subscription to newsPAPers should also be made compulsory. Anyone who fails to read the newsPAPers should not be allowed to vote. Only our newsPAPers can provide readers with the right information.

  • Christopher Bong

    I almost puke after reading this article.