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Khaw Boon Wan takes out diary, scribbles furiously: ‘100 days start today’

Posted on 25 April 2016

Four-day disruption-free streak broken by massive MRT power fault.


Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan took out his pocket diary from his breast pocket and flipped to a page somewhere in the middle.

Witnesses said he was seen scribbling quite furiously into the page marked out with today’s date, April 25: “100 days start today.”

This after both the North-South and East-West lines went down simultaneously in the evening on Monday, April 25, due to a power fault.

Sources close to the scene said he then tore out the previous few pages in the diary and threw it into the litter bin, before muttering something under his breath: “96 more days to 100 days.”

“So close.”

The last train disruption was on April 21, two days after Minister Khaw said the North-South Line achieved 100 days without any major incident and was on track to better reliability.

At press time, Minister Khaw was seen excusing himself from the crowd as he closed his eyes, bit his lips and held back tears for jinxing it.






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  • Patrick Boo

    The Chinese or Taoist use weeks and days to remember death. 7 X 7 are the 49 days for the soul to be reborn. Many people celebrated 100 days as the end of the mourning, whereas in the past it were remembered for 1 year or 3 years when people wears a color cloth on the sleeve of their shirt.

    In this modern day, a minister use these same method to celebrate his success as a Transport Minister, what a joke for the Singapore Government, the highest paid in the World.

  • Phytomorphogenesis

    Power faults on two lines on the SAME day, and no head rolls and NOBODY from the overpaid SMRT are going to take responsibility?

    Seriously. This is uniquely Singapore and it is pretty disgusting.

    Singaporeans ah Singaporeans, is THIS the transportation system you REALLY want?

    Is this THE Leegime you want to dictate your lives, your children’s lives and grandchildren’s for another four years?