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Highly religious S’poreans disgusted zookeepers watched pandas mate

Posted on 24 April 2016

Singapore Zoo must not allow such behaviour, they demanded.


Highly religious Singaporeans from that particular walk of life, who like to tell other people what to do, are up in arms.

This after they read that the Singapore Zoo had attempted to get two pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia, to mate and even prepared the male panda by making it do “sexercise” in anticipation.

Worse, the zookeepers watched the action live for a few days as it unfolded and even assisted in the post-coitus artificial insemination of Jia Jia.

One highly religious Singaporean, Qu Jiao Tang, said she is aghast: “This is not how nuclear families function in the eyes of God.”

“We cannot let our morals slide like this. One day it is humans watching animals do it, the next day it will be humans wanting to do it with animals in the safety of an enclosure.”

“How low can we go and what’s stopping this from happening?”

“Before we know it, those sick people will want to BTO with zoo animals.”

Other highly religious Singaporeans said they have since started their own investigations and discovered that all species of animals are failing to show the proper traditional family unit of one father, one mother and two children.

Therefore, the Singapore Zoo is complicit in promoting immoral behaviour and activities, and is a bad example for families here in Singapore and deserves to be shut down.






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