Fence off PAP MP Denise Phua as she’s a walking time-bomb, public disorder threat to foreign workers

Posted on 07 April 2016

Jalan Besar MP must be isolated, Singaporeans demand.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who know what constitutes fair comment and what is derived from politically-tone deaf stupidity, are calling for PAP MP Denise Phua to be fenced off.

This after the Jalan Besar GRC MP said communal areas in Little India, such as playgrounds and void decks, should be fenced off as large gatherings of foreign workers in the area have returned to levels before the Dec. 8, 2013 riot, and make them walking time-bombs and public incidents waiting to happen.

One Singaporean, Guan Qi Lai, said the PAP MP needs to be isolated from polite society: “Foreign workers need to be protected from PAP MP Denise Phua.”

“She is a walking time-bomb waiting to explode in their midst.”

“Her mere presence and influence on people will undoubtedly cause people to riot.”

Other Singaporeans said things in Singapore are sure looking like they are reverting to the norm again.

Yu Chun, another local, said: “Levels of stupidity in the ruling PAP government have returned to levels before the Dec. 8, 2013 riot.”






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  • reverendmilo

    I worry that Denise has become too territorial, like a furious macaque, and that she’ll start angrily flinging faeces against her chicken wire cage if she doesn’t get her way.