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NSF unable to do 5 push-ups in a row due to unforeseen allergic reaction to exercise

Posted on 25 March 2016

He declared he was allergic to physical exertion during medical check-up.


A full-time national serviceman was unable to complete more than five push-ups in a row.

This after he suffered an unforeseen allergic reaction to physical exertion.

The NSF, Recruit Boh Lat, said he had alerted doctors during his medical check-up before enlistment hoping it will warn them to take preemptive action: “My inability to endure exercise is an unforeseen allergic reaction to being shouted at constantly and made to follow multiple orders, while feeling physically and mentally taxed, throughout the course of a day.”

“Previously, before enlisting into NS, I had tried this thing called ‘working out’ as I heard about it and was recommended by others to try it.”

“But it was not to my body’s liking as I broke out in sweat profusely, had a shortness of breath and I experienced this uncomfortable burning sensation in my muscles several days afterwards — all signs which point to severe impairment in the long run, and eventually, premature death.”

“After further investigation and trying exercise another time, I could confirm it to be the cause of all my bodily ailments.”

“To be upfront about my condition, I listed ‘push-up’ and ‘pull-up’ as things I am allergic to when I went for medical check-up, but my declaration on the medical form was not acknowledged.”

“I am afraid at this rate I am carrying on in NS, I might get severely injured or worse, lose more weight.”

At press time, NSFs experiencing allergic reactions to physical exertion are hoping PAP MP Janil Puthucheary can appeal on their behalf as he did not serve NS before and might be able to help.






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