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Hawkers to give Singtel CEO 1 fishball instead of 4, must top up $0.50 for extra ingredients

Posted on 12 March 2016

Hawkers said they learn from the best.


Talk about what goes around comes around.

Fishball noodles sellers from that one particular walk of life, who said they greatly admire people who put extra thought into pricing goods and services, will from now on give the Singtel CEO one fishball instead of the usual four pieces the next time she visits their stalls.

This is so as fishballs are like mobile data, which is what everybody wants, so it can be charged separately to make the hawker’s business more profitable.

Yu Yuan Mian, one of the hawkers, said: “Usually I will give four fishballs for a bowl of noodles. But if I see the Singtel CEO, I will give her one fishball only.”

“If she asks why, I will tell her she can add additional 50 cents to get one extra fishball, so she can have two fishballs in total.”

“I’m sure she will applaud my business acumen.”

At press time, chicken rice sellers around Singapore said they will sell the Singtel CEO chicken rice without chicken meat, as it will be charged separately.

If we all said "Majulah", Singtel CEO will never get to eat fishball ever again.

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