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Changi Airport to greet passengers ‘Welcome to Uniqlo!’ as S’pore turns into giant Uniqlo outlet

Posted on 30 March 2016

It will be broadcast over the loud speakers and follow the same mandatory faux chirpy voice.


Changi Airport will be greeting incoming passengers from all walks of life landing in Singapore a warm and hearty, “Welcome to Uniqlo!”.

This after Uniqlo announced that they are opening their newest biggest store at Orchard Central as there is a shortage of outlets island-wide with only 24 of them in Singapore.

This rate of expansion will soon result in Singapore turning into the Republic of Uniqlo.

One foreigner, Mei Chuan Yee, said this is a fitting greeting: “This is exactly the sort of mandatory greeting that I would hear every time I step into a Uniqlo outlet.”

“I like how the staff will use this chirpy voice to substitute for the genuine lackadaisical attitude they have as they get paid by the hour.”

Locals also said this move reflects a larger consensus within society that there are simply not enough Uniqlo outlets in Singapore and there is a greater desire to see more.

See Baey Xian, a Singaporean, said: “It’s like the last thing I expect is to not see Uniqlo, and boom, there it is. Uniqlo again.”

“Likewise, the last thing people expect is for someone to greet them ‘Welcome to Uniqlo!’, and bam, when you in the toilet halfway and someone bursts through the door and says just that.”

“And instead of feeling shocked, you say ‘Welcome to Uniqlo!’ back.”

“That’s when their job is done, that’s when their job is done.”






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