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Anti-authoritarian S’poreans rename national football team as Lee Kuan Yew-nited

Posted on 27 March 2016

This will really make him cringe, they thought.


Anti-authoritarian Singaporeans from all walks of life, who like to stick it to the man by worshipping him, have renamed the national football team as Lee Kuan Yew-nited.

This after they heard that they can really poke the late elder statesman by making him cringe repeatedly as he does not do hagiography.

One anti-authoritarian Singaporean, Lia Boh Kiu, said the change in name is highly appropriate as this is something Lee Kuan Yew would never have wanted in his lifetime or after: “This serves to pay homage to the god-like abilities of one man in Singapore who has the abilities of 11 men combined.”

“The hope is for the Lee Kuan Yew-nited players to draw strength from the new name.”

“Especially when we play against the Malaysians, because there was a time when people said we won’t make it, but we did. So we need to keep that in mind.”

“And it will really make Lee Kuan Yew cringe.”

Singaporeans from other walks of life said they prefer Lee Kuan Yew-nited as a team name because it rolls off the tongue more easily than LionsXII or Team Singapore.

Lai Chiu Kwa, a local song composer, said he wants to make Lee Kuan Yew cringe more by coming up with a sports chant featuring the new football team name that is highly inspirational: “I think it is pre-ordained and destined that Lee Kuan Yew’s name ends with a ‘Yew’.”

“So, this sports chant I came up with will enable all Singaporeans to unite in Lee Kuan Yew and lift our spirits, keeping in mind our racial differences.”

“This is how it goes.”

“Lee Kuan Yew, lai tak kiu,
Tng lang, Indian, Melayu
We All Love Yew!
Even Yew-rasians!






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  • Phytomorphogenesis

    Wang Pei, this is absolutely hilarious! ^0^
    “Yayyyyy!” AHAHAHA!
    You have to check out the Pantene shampoo parody on Saturday Night Life!

    Sofia Vergara and Penelope Cruz! They are jewels!

    This is the lighter side to a very SERIOUS personality cult problem in Singapore.