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Anti-authoritarian S’poreans purposely worship Lee Kuan Yew to make him cringe

Posted on 26 March 2016

This is the only way to get even, they figured.

Top photo stolen from here

Top photo stolen from here

Anti-authoritarian Singaporeans from all walks of life, who like to stick it to the man, are purposely worshipping Lee Kuan Yew.

This after they read that Lee Kuan Yew’s daughter, Lee Wei Ling, said Lee Kuan Yew will cringe if he knew that multiple gushing tributes have been organised for him on his one-year death anniversary as he does not do hagiography.

This prompted anti-authoritarian Singaporeans to come up with ways to poke him.

One anti-authoritarian Singaporean, Fan Dui Dang, said: “Now when I see Lee Kuan Yew’s photo or picture on television, I will purposely kneel down on the floor and kowtow to him repeatedly.”

“I will do this in public places, at home, at work, at my friend’s place or wherever I am.”

“If this is what it takes to make Lee Kuan Yew cringe and anger him even, I will do it.”

Other Singaporeans said they will not only kowtow repeatedly, but have set up an altar at home and put up his photo on the wall to facilitate the offering of incense, food and gifts, including leftover money that did not get deducted into their CPF accounts.






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  • Shigure Ho

    I think Singaporeans could be a little more creative. It’s no longer satire if it’s totally horseshit that’s being published on NewNation.