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S’poreans want to have children immediately after seeing colourful fertility ads in MRT station

Posted on 03 February 2016

Ads like these are super effective in changing minds.

Photo stolen from here

Photo stolen from here

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are delaying having children because it is too expensive and half the time they cannot even take care of themselves, are declaring that they are going to have children immediately as they have changed their minds.

This after they saw colourful advertisements in a MRT station reminding them about their fertility and the joys of having children at a young age.

One Singaporean, Sheng Hai Zi, said: “I felt this urge to have children straightaway the moment I saw this mind-changing advertisement in the MRT telling me I have limited number of eggs in my lifetime.”

“Nothing spurs me more to find a husband and to have my eggs fertilised than an ad telling me I’m running out of time.”

“The authorities sure are able to persuade the population very well with rainbow colours.”

Other Singaporeans said this was no doubt a very good idea that had been put together after spending a lot of time conceptualising it.

Mei Tou Nao, another local, said: “This is by far the best initiative I have ever seen. It is as good as the campaign to remind Singaporeans not to litter at Laneway when it is held at Gardens By The Bay.”

“I’m sure such messaging will have an impact and change society.”

“There is no way such a campaign can fail because it is so super effective.”






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