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S’poreans glad SG50 commemorative notes still more valuable than banana notes

Posted on 22 February 2016

Majulah, they said.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who are grateful for some things because they are not total ingrates, have come out to praise the SG50 $10 and $50 commemorative notes for being more valuable than banana notes.

This after some 95 million pieces of the notes have been printed, and of the 40 percent put into circulation, businesses and people have been inconvenienced as these new notes cannot be machine deposited due to their irregular sizes.

One Singaporean, Kim Jio, said he is grateful the notes still have some value in them: “Majulah.”

“This is a good time to say ‘Majulah”, when I know the notes are still more valuable than banana notes.”

“Especially when you are in line at the bank for 30 minutes to deposit the note over the counter, all you want to say is ‘Majulah’.”

“When you open the ang bao and you find the new commemorative notes and you realise you are going to have a hard time spending it at the shops because they don’t want to accept it, you will also say ‘Majulah’.”

“Most likely when you realise that you queued up at the bank for one hour for it last August and now nobody even wants it, you will also say ‘Majulah’.”

A good time to say "Majulah".

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