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S’pore govt must ensure message by highly religious people confined to highly religious people

Posted on 27 February 2016

Or else, non-highly religious people might hear it and shake their heads.


Dear New Nation,

Messages disseminated by highly religious organisations should also receive a R18 rating from the Media Development Authority (MDA). These messages are offensive to the practices of non-highly religious people.

Singapore works hard to protect religious and non-religious harmony, but the government could do more. MDA has given Madonna’s concert an R18 rating for “sexually suggestive content which is more suitable for adults”.

Is that sufficient? If Madonna has been given a rating, shouldn’t highly religious organisations also be given a rating for their highly religious messages too? Why are they so special as to be exempted?

Highly religious organisations put forth their messages at places that are highly accessible to the public as they boasts of having open architecture.

So non-highly religious people, including underaged persons, can listen to the messages just standing outside these highly religious venues, which might cause them to be at a loss for words and shake their heads.

Yours sincerely,
Jiang Fei Hua






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  • Llort Bew

    When a satire article makes more sense than.. whatever stupid thing religious people believe.