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Highly religious S’poreans vow to change Chingay to Chin-Straight by next year

Posted on 20 February 2016

This is so as Chingay has gone on since 1973.


Highly religious Singaporeans from that particular walk of life that like to meddle in other people’s business, are vowing to change the name of the festival Chingay to Chin-Straight.

This after they said their sensibilities have been repeatedly offended over the years as the “gay” word is not wholesome and does not gel with family values.

Lei Hoh Moh, a highly religious person, said this is the right time to petition for the name change as Chingay has gone on long enough since 1973: “I feel violated every time I have to say the word ‘Chingay’. ‘Chin-Straight’ feels more pure.”

“We are also sending a positive message the gay agenda is no more.”

However, not all Singaporeans are convinced a mere name change is enough.

Seow Lang, another highly religious Singaporean, said: “We must not have pink or too many bright colours in the festival as this will attract homosexuality.”

“Also, we must not have too many loud songs and cheering as this does not bode well for conservative family values.”

Singapore is a society that values equality.

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