Get rid of MacRitchie Reservoir & Upper Thomson private estate for Cross Island Line

Posted on 23 February 2016

Both sides can then empathise with each other.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who believe other people must sacrifice for the common good of Singapore, have come up with a win-win solution for all Singaporeans.

This after they saw the intense debate regarding the Cross Island Line, where two sides have been arguing if MacRitchie Reservoir or Upper Thomson private estate should make way for the new MRT line’s construction.

To facilitate the decision of which one should go, Singaporeans all over the island have since come up with a proposal after careful consideration.

One Singaporean, Tia Sak, said: “For Singaporeans from all walks of life to unite, a compromise must be reached.”

“Therefore, the Cross Island Line can only be built by getting rid of both the MacRitchie Reservoir and evicting all residents from the Upper Thomson private estate.”

“This way, both sides can empathise with the other, while the rest of Singapore get to enjoy convenient travel.”

“We must not let some trees and some people living in a private estate get in the way of bigger goals of this country.”

“Sometimes it is important for Singapore to make the difficult decisions.”

“We hope both sides can be less myopic and put the interest of the nation above their own selfish desires.”


Majulah is all we need.

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