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All S’poreans turned into anti-religious heathens after Madonna performed at Sports Hub

Posted on 29 February 2016

They should have heeded the warning of highly religious Singaporeans.


All Singaporeans living in the country have turned into anti-religious heathens on Feb. 28, 2016, mere minutes after Madonna performed live for the first time in Singapore at the Sports Hub.

This after Singaporeans from all walks of life heard the renowned American anti-religious singer do her routine before a sold-out crowd, which sent anti-religious reverberations throughout the island.

As a result, all Singaporeans have become anti-religious heathens immediately.

One Singaporean, Qu Jiao Tang, said he was half-expecting this to happen, but wasn’t sure if it would really come to pass: “I should have heeded the warning of highly religious Singaporeans when they warned about the effects of letting Madonna perform in public.”

“Now I am completely, utterly anti-religious, there is simply no turning back to my god-tolerating ways, having been convinced the no god way is the only way.”

“I can still hear Singapore’s moral fabric being torn asunder.”

Singaporeans who witnessed the transformation of their own religious orientation attributed the changes to Madonna’s dress sense and dance moves.

One other local, Tiao Bu, said: “Madonna was at her most provocative last evening. She was decked out in clothes that did not reveal any vital parts and covered up completely.”

“These are the hallmarks of a provocative liberal anti-religious agitator. This was exactly what the highly religious Singaporeans warned us about.”

“We have no choice but to live with our anti-religious identity as a nation from now on.”






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  • Ivan Yee

    Madonna is a well known self confessed devil worshiper. She performed satanic rituals during her concert in Singapore. That’s what Satan loves to do, morphed his agenda in so-called harmless pop music and then looking to devour souls of people hooked on these occult performances.

    • Liang Gu Shi

      Cool story, bro.