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S’poreans react to Minister Lawrence Wong urging S’poreans to ditch their cars

Posted on 31 January 2016

Three thoughts that must have went past your mind at some point.


National Development Minister Lawrence Wong cautioned on Jan. 30, 2016, against Singaporeans being over-reliant on cars.

He said: “If you look at what we have done over the last 50 years of development, we have built more roads, we have designed our city to accommodate more cars. And if you were to just project that trend for the next 50 years, I don’t think it’s going to be sustainable.”

“We would literally have a city for cars than a city for people, and I think that would be a terrible outcome.”

“It’s not just about becoming a more environmentally-friendly environment. More fundamentally, it is about becoming a more attractive, a more liveable and a more people-friendly city.”

Here are three thoughts Singaporeans have:


sian-half-auntie “If I heard Minister Lawrence Wong correctly, he means that he will still continue to keep his car while the rest of the population ditches theirs.”
Hao Hua Che, 42-year-old used car salesperson


sian-half-uncle “It’s easy to say ‘Let’s be less reliant on cars’ when you get driven around all the time.”
Jiao Wei, 65-year-old taxi driver


happy-bird-girl “Take it from me: Men who own cars in the future would get more chicks for sure.”
Gian Lui, 19-year-old gold digger










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