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S’poreans praise photographer for photoshopping Chinatown ladder around pixelated plane

Posted on 30 January 2016

This really helps market Nikon as the best camera brand after Canon.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who can tell what’s wrong simply by looking, are clapping their hands and singing praises of a Singaporean photographer.

This after the photographer submitted to the Nikon photo contest a photograph where he photoshopped a Chinatown ladder around a pixelated plane that looked beyond real and won the top prize.

One Singaporean, Pian Lang, said she is very touched by the quality of the photoshop skills: “It takes a lot of effort to produce this sort of art.”

“Not only does the photographer have to find a pixelated photo of the plane from the Internet, he has to photoshop the Chinatown ladder around it.”

“Ten points for effort.”

Other Singaporeans said they are bowled over by the quality control and expert judgement of Nikon.

One other Singaporean, Jin Ho Cheo, said: “This incident showed why Nikon is the leader in photography.”

“They are able to use this photoshopped photograph to sell their brand as the best out there and show everyone they know exactly what they are doing.”

“I’m sure they are about five years away from catching up with Canon after this.”






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