MOE to start charging teachers & students for using school toilets

Posted on 12 January 2016

This after discovering that toilet usage has been free and unregulated for decades.


The Ministry of Education is looking into charging teachers and students for using school toilets during schooling hours.

This after it was discovered that toilet usage in schools have been free for all for the last few decades.

This resulted in the unregulated access to sanitary facilities to discharge one’s waste, which is a strain on the state’s resources.

The authorities have also noted that cost-free access has also resulted in a lot of money forgone by not collecting fees or payment of any sort, and this is tantamount to giving hidden subsidies.

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who take ideas to their natural conclusion, are supportive of the idea of not making toilet usage free for teachers and students anymore, which is in line with MOE’s recent plan of possibly charging teachers to park their cars in school compounds.

One Singaporean, Sha Niao, said: “If teachers and students are not going to pay for toilet use, it will be a subsidy borne by taxpayers.”

“Soon, this habit of expecting subsidies will develop into a crutch mentality, and then evolve into outright demands for bribes as one thing leads to another.”

“To keep Singapore corruption-free, we need to take the same approach as making everyone pay for parking in school compounds.”

“All teachers and students must pay to use the toilet during school hours as there are no free lunches in this world.”

Other Singaporeans said making teachers and students pay for toilet use is just a start.

Regulars who sign on with the Singapore Armed Forces and Singaporean males reporting for National Service and reservist duties must next need to pay to use the toilets in their respective camps.

Da Bian, another local, said: “The government must look into withholding this privilege for those in camps.”

“Just imagine the amounts of money Singapore has forgone by making toilet access free in camps.”

“By getting those in camp to pay, this will be a win-win situation as Singapore will have a military force, while at the same time, boosting its annual reserves with toilet usage fees.”






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  • Jessica HR

    A retarded nation with retarded system. Wait a min, now people are going to say “Be thankful, we got a place to dump”? What a foolish mentality. One must know when it is too much; enough is enough. This is ridiculous.
    We are not moving forward.

    • sgkeyboardwarrior

      #satire #facepalm

  • Auji Alya Aura

    The two so called local person that was mention here,their name doesn’t sounds like local at all..da bian?and sha niao?..or its a new singapore citizen??please and come on lah.. Already taken, steal, scam lots and lots of money from us the true blue singaporean.. Still want to steal from our students and teachers for using toilets in the school???to me it is seriously pathetic for YOU.. YES YOU.. to do that.

  • Phin Pie

    Hey look
    People who didn’t get the joke