Entire S’pore turned gay after watching Adam Lambert perform on Celebrate 2016 countdown show

Posted on 01 January 2016

They should have heeded the warning of highly religious Singaporeans.


The entire nation of Singapore turned gay on Dec. 31, 2015, mere minutes before the arrival of the new 2016 year.

This after Singaporeans from all walks of life watched renowned American gay singer Adam Lambert perform live for the Celebrate 2016 countdown show, which was broadcast on national television.

As a result of witnessing the event, all Singaporeans have become gay immediately.

One Singaporean, Tong Xing Lian, said he was half-expecting this to happen, but wasn’t sure if it would really come to pass: “I should have heeded the warning of highly religious Singaporeans when they warned about the effects of watching Adam Lambert perform in public.”

“Now I am completely, utterly gay, there is simply no turning back to my straight ways, having been convinced the gay way is the only way.”

Singaporeans who witnessed the transformation of their own sexual orientation attributed the changes to Adam Lambert’s dress sense and dance moves.

One other local, Wei Tua, said: “Adam Lambert was at his most provocative this evening. He was decked out in a top that was as large as a bedsheet, baggy pants and slippers.”

“These are the hallmarks of a provocative liberal gay agitator. This was exactly what the highly religious Singaporeans warned us about.”

“We have no choice but to live with our gay identity as a nation from now on.”






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  • Jane

    bahahahaha This is priceless!!!! Although on a serious note I remember reading many posts during the Queen & Adam Lambert tour last year where previously staunchly straight men told the world they had suddenly turned gay for Adam so this is not just an issue for Singaporeans. Slowly but surely he is creating a world of gay people. And of course you know there will be some out there who will think both you and I are being serious here…..

  • 6plus12

    Wonderful humor – really on point – thanks!

  • Gabriel Chua

    Majority of Singaporeans still believe in traditional family. Every child deserve one Father and one Mother. This is why Singapore still have morality, and fight against LGBT sinners. Also other than protecting our children against LGBT agenda we need to criminalize people who divorce and break their sacred vows to God and remarry thus commiting adultery, and also the sex industry and censor sexual content from the media strictly, and criminalize perverts who visits prostitutes and spreading AIDS, and de-normalize unnatural narcissistic perverted and immoral acts of masturbation by wankers. Women should dress modestly or be fined for immoral dressing. We need to protect the family!!! Anti-LGBT is just the first step. Singapore is a conservative country and have Asian values. Cannot anyhow! Bue Sai Ran Lai!! Bue Sai Bue Sai!!!

    SUPPORT FAMILY!!!! We should work together to support banning of media normalization of the idea of divorce (one of the biggest threat against family and should be censored), and sinful “wankers” treating the unnatural and perverted sexual act of masturbation (spilling of sacred seed) as something that is acceptable and normal to our conservative society.

    It is because society is tolerant of pre-marital sex, and perversions such as unnatural and sick acts of self-masturbation, that more people are now supporting LGBT. We should block these unwanted decadent ang moh influence from destroying our traditional Asian value.

    • Gabriel Chua

      One should especially not forget the masturbators and the wicked who engage in other forms of lustful unnatural seedspilling acts that is not intended for procreation. They are sick and should be punished. Singapore should not be allowed to devolved into the next Sodom. No matter how good Singapore defense is, and how many NSF there are, no man can defend against the wrath and awesomeness of our mighty GOD. This is about our country’s security!

      We should also punish the seed spilling wankers who practice perverted mono-sexual behavior, and keep them away from innocent children. promiscuous HIV spreading people (straight and gay) who engage in sex with more than one partners, leading promiscuous lifestyle choices should also be punished by the law. And those who divorce and commit adultery by remarrying too. But monosexualism seedspilling lifestyle of wankers is a greater sin and threat to the family and children. Porn is an evil perversion. We should stop spreading such deviant lifestyle choice of wankers and their perverted lifestyle choice of watching porn and engaging in self-pleasuring. Our society have no place for these seed-spilling narccistic monosexual wankers. The bible say that monosexualism is a sin, and seed-spillers should be strike by lightning. recall the story of Onan the seedspiller?
      Wanking and perverts who watch porn should be a crime for unnatural sexual act of perversion and be sent to 3 years jail minimum. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and his own hand! If I ever find that my child engage in unnatural monosexual acts, I will immediate disown him and kick him out of my home to become homeless. Monosexual and homosexual destroy family.
      Say no to LGBTM!!!! Wear white on pink dot day to symbolize clean bedsheets.
      God made Adam and Eve so that they can procreate. That is what sex is meant for. God did not design Adam’s hand nor his p**** for having monosexual sexual relationship with one another. A child deserve a father and a mother, not a father and his own hand! Sex for pleasure is a deviant act of seed-spilling perversion if it isn’t done with the intent to make babies. God ordered to mankind to be fruitful, not to spill seed in condoms or on the floor to be discarded like waste. That is an abomination that our conservative society should not tolerate!

      • Chococandyz

        Mind you monosexuality refers to the sexual attraction to only one gender/sex so it means either a heterosexual or homosexual. So in actuality you are damning yourself. Also I don’t ever think you read the actual bible… or you read the heavily edited biased version of it…

        • Gabriel Chua

          You must be a sinful wicked wanker to assume that everyone are perverted and deviant like you to engage in unnatural monosexual acts with their own hand. You need to go NS to make you Ah Boy to Man!!! Not weak sissy gu liang.

          • Chococandyz

            Silent majority huh… doesn’t seem like it… I only see one loud idiotic monkey who doesn’t know the meaning of monosexual, throwing it around like it’s an insult, screaming nonsensical things, when the only thing people see is that you are just an idiotic radical who is the joke of his own words, assuming you are a monosexual. Also you upvoted your own comment huh… how narcissistic, and also alpha much? You probably don’t even understand what I am saying.

          • LA Laker

            Gabriel Chua’s theory is true! I support! We need to execute our movement by having a mandatory “abstinence week” where people are not allowed to touch their privates unless it is for washing. They are free to access resources of their religion (if they have one and want to) understand the evolution of the human race and how lives are wasted when people Play Chinese Chess.

            Only then we will see our country develop real men who don’t tell people that their gf is their 100 TB of videos and their trusty right hand. They will become a new generation of natural hunters. A nation of Alpha Males who are suave, decisive, knows what they want and takes what they want like a boss!

          • Cheryl LEE

            I feel so ashamed to be a Singaporean. -_-

        • Cheryl LEE

          Too many conservative religious extremists in Singapore spreading their hateful intolerant ignorance.

          • Chococandyz

            Nah the only reason it looks like there’s too many of them is because they are loud like children throwing tantrums when things don’t go their way, majority of Singaporeans don’t really think much on the issue on LGBTQIA because it does not concern them, thus we have the silent, neutral majority here.

      • http://on.the.net highdiver_2000

        If we don’t wank , that has a knock on effect that is much more serious. Prostate cancer. Population of Singapore would greatly decrease, threatening national security, our religions, our way of life.

        Therefore we should not just wank more, we must have a national campaign for this.

        • ModestYChild

          You are so right. The Government is concerned that the elderly population is growing and in another 10 years, the younger population is going to support a larger base of elders. I agree with you. We should have a Wanking National Campaign *nods fervently*

    • Jaqui

      Ok, so I guess you didn’t watch Adam or watch anything ever according to your all-encompassing statement. My question, how do you know everyone you support is as pure as the driven snow? After all only God knows the heart.

    • bbimbapisactuallynotverynice

      You want natural you wear leaves and go back in the woods and mate with your mothers and sisters lor.[1] Hell if you want the true natural experience you don’t even need their consent like artificial civilised adults. [2] But be careful, if you truly want the natural experience you may turn gay [3].

      Where are your sources? And no don’t point me to biased websites pushing your own agenda.


    • Evernal Sue

      Wah lao u better than belmont lay and other writers here, they should look at this and weep and quit.

    • The Wrath Of Grapes

      Yes, stone the adulterous.

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  • Jaqui

    Nailed it!!!

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  • Marcus

    TANGINA itong si RAYMOND GUTIERREZ este Adam Lambart. If there is a religious extremist, there must be a homosexual extremist like this evil gay.

  • disqus_Cc20uRF6eN

    SO many closeted gay Asians !!

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  • ModestYChild

    First of all, it was a bloody great concert. Wished Adam Lambert had given us a 2 hour show. Second, love that he wore sandals, showing his peeping black nail polished toes. Subtle, but it makes a huge statement. Go Lambert! *muak* That baggy and pants that covered so much *pout* He looked stylish though but then again, Adam Lambert could wear a sack and looks sexy 😉 Lastly, Adam, if you happen to read the comments in here, please bring The Original High tour to Singapore. And this time, you can be a bad boy if you want to ^)^ Happy New Year everyone!

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