S’poreans successfully rename Lee Hsien Loong as 1 Lee Kuan Yew Son

Posted on 24 December 2015

This shows that Singaporeans embrace creativity.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who embrace creativity by coming up with imaginative names, have successfully renamed Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong as 1 Lee Kuan Yew Son.

This after they learnt that creativity can be expressed by renaming Compass Point shopping mall as 1 Sengkang Mall in a bid to showcase a flair in thinking out of the box.

One Singaporean, Gai Ming Zi, said: “Singaporeans are beginning to embrace the culture of being more creative by performing their own name changes and they are doing this out of their own volition.”

“Therefore, a group of Singaporeans have decided to rename Lee Hsien Loong as 1 Lee Kuan Yew Son, following the rich culture established and precedent set by 1 Sengkang Mall.”

Other Singaporeans said the name change will mark a shift in thinking about 1 Lee Kuan Yew Son.

Chuan Tong, another local, said: “We Singaporeans took a long time to conceptualise and approve of this new name.”

“To name him as 1 Lee Kuan Yew Son will better help younger Singaporeans situate him within a historical context so that we don’t forget his roots.”

At press time, there are plans to rename President Tony Tan as 1 Popularly Elected President Who Barely Won The Popular Vote By A Few Votes.






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