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S’poreans dimiss Amos Yee as lousy rebel, gets arrested for writing blog posts instead of committing real atrocities

Posted on 13 December 2015

This puts Singapore in a bad light as it shows we cannot even groom proper anarchists.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have a low tolerance for all things second-best, have come out to dismiss teenager Amos Yee as a lousy rebel and ineffective anarchist.

This after the 17-year-old teen was picked up by the police for investigation for the second time as he had allegedly made religiously insensitive remarks online again.

One Singaporean, Mei You Yong, said this makes Amos Yee not very good at being rebellious: “In other countries, rebels will take on more dominant forces on the streets day and night and commit atrocities such as beheading and fight tooth and nail for small gains.”

“Amos Yee, on the other hand, can’t even do anything truly rebellious but just write things online that nobody reads and still get called in by the police.”

“He is not even a seventh-rate rebel at best.”

“On a scale of one to 10 for rebelliousness, this is like a minus 17.”

Other Singaporeans said Amos Yee’s faux-rebelliousness will only serve to put Singapore in a bad light internationally as it shows the world we once again lack local talent and cannot even nurture truly rebellious anarchists who know how to properly raise hell in society.

Jin Boh Yong, another local, said: “Little bit, little bit, get arrested already.”

“It seems like we cannot even do something more major to show the world we have what it takes to be the best on the global stage.”

“There is really a problem with local talent.”






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  • Andrew Tung

    ” It is such a disgrace to Singapore that such a low class blogger deserves the attention of the Authorities. Perhaps we should import more foreign talented bloggers from overseas to teach us how to do a better job.” a2zgoblog

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