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Orchard Road shopping centres to be renamed Orchard Road Shopping Centre 1, 2, 3 until 43

Posted on 24 December 2015

This is in line with national initiative to get creative.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who like to exercise their thinking and expand their imagination, are applauding the latest effort to rename shopping centres in Singapore by giving them ultra creative names.

This after it was revealed that in the wake of Compass Point being successfully renamed as 1 Sengkang Mall, shopping centres in Orchard Road will also undergo name changes as well.

Starting from the entrance of Orchard Road, Far East Plaza will be remained as Orchard Road Shopping Centre 1 and followed by the next mall which will be called Orchard Road Shopping Centre 2, and all remaining malls will be renamed in numerical order.

Mai Tong Xi, a Singaporean who believes in innovation, said this initiative reflects the creative and imaginative nature of Singapore: “Calling ION Orchard as Shopping Centre 14 bodes well for Singapore’s image as a hub for lateral thinking and fills this island republic with excitement.”

“There is nothing that screams ‘Creativity’ then numerical order.”

Other Singaporeans, however, felt more creativity could be injected into the proceedings of renaming the malls.

Seow Lang, another local, said: “The government should hold a competition to see who can rename the malls in a more creative manner and offer cash prizes while setting up a marketing campaign blitz for it.”

“So, instead of calling the malls Orchard Road Shopping Centre 1, 2, 3 and so on, they should be called 1 Orchard Road Shopping Centre, 2 Orchard Shopping Centre and 3 Orchard Road Shopping Centre and so on.”

“Also, they can try to use Roman numerals for a nicer flourish, such as I Orchard Road Shopping Centre, II Orchard Road Shopping Centre and III Orchard Road Shopping Centre and so on until XLIII Orchard Road Shopping Centre.”






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