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Mattress, pillow & common house lizard apologise for framing Minister of State for Manpower Teo Ser Luck

Posted on 19 December 2015

Dormitory and foreign workers have also apologised.


A mattress, pillow and common house lizard have come out to apologise to Minister of State for Manpower Teo Ser Luck for framing him in a bad light.

This after MOM issued a clarification saying the controversial comment about how foreign workers’ dormitory is comfy despite not having mattresses was not made by Teo.

This led to several different quarters coming forward to claim responsibility to completely absolve the minister of any wrongdoing or of committing any social faux pas.

One of those to apologise on behalf of Teo is the mattress, Tee Lam, which said: “I am sorry I caused the minister such distress. If I had not run away from the photo shoot, he would have been lying down on me.”

“The Minister of State for Manpower is faultless. Please stop blaming him. I take full responsibility.”

This led to more infighting as a pillow and common house lizard stepped up to the plate and claimed responsibility for the faux pas, while trying their best to distance Teo from the mess.

Bin Chng, the pillow, said: “It was my idea to have the Minister lie down and take the photo. Please don’t blame him.”

A common house lizard, Xian Tang, who was present when the photo was taken, has also claimed responsibility: “I should have warned him to stop, but I didn’t.”

At press time, the dormitory building and all the foreign workers living there have also come out to apologise to Teo Ser Luck, saying he can never be wrong.






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