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Highly religious person: Pray for heavy rain to fall on Celebrate 2016 countdown so all gays will get wet

Posted on 21 December 2015

And the water will soak their shame-ridden bodies, causing them to take off their tops to squeeze dry.


Highly religious people from some walks of life, who like to dabble in other people’s business because it is so typical of them, have written a secret message disseminated in their private forum for other highly religious people.

This after the highly religious people in Singapore started a petition calling on MediaCorp to remove gay icon Adam Lambert from its star-studded Celebrate 2016 countdown show on Dec. 31 to usher in the new year.

The secret message showed that the highly religious people are calling on one another to pray for heavy rain to fall on the year-end event, to put a dampener on the festive proceedings.

The full message, reproduced below, started out with a warning and then called for “heavy pouring rain on the event”, before it veered off to divine justice and the sensations of atonement.

Here is the rest of the leaked secret message:

“Let us pray for heavy rain to fall on all those gays so that their bodies will be dripping wet and they have no choice but to take off their tops and squeeze them dry in full public view, exposing their shame-ridden torsos.”

“And we will pray for gale force winds that will knock all these gays off their feet. They shall fall to the ground, rolling in the rain-soaked muddy grounds, as they stumble on top of each other, bodies stacked on top of more bodies, holding tightly against one another, rubbing the filth on each other, warm bodies huddled together.”

“Let the healing power of the rain water, imbued with the wrath of the religious, pry their bodies open and unleash from all the cavities in their bodies, the hidden lust they harbour.”

“They shall experience the wrath of their persecutors, make it feel like repeated lashes against their flesh and weaken them to the point of exhaustion, as the unwavering wrath slither across their bodies, that have been made tender by the judgement of the religious.”

“Under such inclement weather conditions, will they still be able to celebrate the ending of another year of desire and guilt-free living, worn out and exhausted? Because this is clearly a yearly affair where gays will get together while essentially trying to conceal their raging tumescence.”

“Them tired and judgement-ridden, with hot shame oozing out of their pores.”

“This will be a sight to behold for those who want to inflict punishment on the gays. Yes, yes, I’d like to see them punished like that.”






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