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Commuters to get sneak preview of Downtown Line 2 breakdown at December open house

Posted on 10 December 2015

This is to familiarise commuters of how to walk in new tunnels.

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Singaporeans from all walks of life, who take trains because breakdowns help to slow down their pace of life as things come to a crawl or standstill, will get a sneak preview of Downtown Line 2 breakdowns before the official opening on Dec. 27.

This is ahead of the predicted breakdowns of the newest MRT line in Singapore on a busy weekday in 2016, which will surely leave thousands upon thousands of people stranded in Singapore.

Travel on the Downtown Line 2 (DTL2) will be free on the day where the trains are going to break down in order to familiarise the public with new stations, new amenities and new inconveniences.

The 16.6km DTL2 will extend the scope of MRT breakdowns to areas such as Hillview, Beauty World and Rochor, while also including the six pre-existing Downtown Line stations.

The December Downtown Line open house is scheduled to feature breakdowns every hour. This will provide the public with the experience of walking through the underbelly of the Downtown Line, which will also promote Singaporean togetherness in the face of adversity.

The open house will also feature mascots of famous figures in Singapore’s transport history, such as Lui Tuck Yew and Mah Bow Tan. These mascots will host activities on board the stalled trains, lead passengers through DTL tunnels and console commuters in despair.

Commuter Boh Lui Lang said: “I felt very left out during the North-South East-West line breakdown this year, because there was no station near my house. Now DTL2 has finally allowed me to be part of this Singaporean tradition.”

Businessman Tan Ku Ku said: “While I was annoyed that the Downtown Line provided me with added convenience, it’s a relief that breakdowns on the new line will increase my travel time by at least 40 percent.”

Passengers at the DTL2 sneak preview are encouraged to post about their experiences on social media, under the hashtag #DeeplyConcerned.






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