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S’poreans feel bad for even thinking grass-cutter’s full face mask reminded them of ISIS terrorist

Posted on 18 November 2015

This is latent racism on our part, they admitted while apologising profusely.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who cannot control that reptilian part of their brain that causes them to react unconsciously and irrationally to anything that resembles a mortal threat, have apologised profusely to the grass-cutter they walked past earlier in the day.

This after they admitted that they feel bad for even thinking that the grass-cutter’s full face mask reminded them of an ISIS terrorist, a common image they have been seeing the past week pop up on social media and the daily news.

One Singaporean, Kong Bu Fenzi, said: “I was just walking past the grass-cutter and when I saw his face mask, my first thought without even thinking twice was, ‘Looks like ISIS’.”

“That’s when I caught myself out for inwardly exhibiting this latent racism and I had to hide my face as it was red with guilt, shame and embarrassment. I hope he didn’t see it.”

“If I could meet him, I would like to apologise for this personal failing of mine of even having this thought go through my brain in the first place.”

Another local said feeling terrible about herself is the least she can do, as there is no excuse for linking something as innocuous as a worker’s face mask to one of the most terrible terrorist organisations in the world today.

Dui Bu Qi, another local, said: “All those years of Social Studies and Civics and Moral Education later and I still can’t get the better of my knee-jerk reactions.”






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