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S’porean man with blue tick praised for saying kill ISIS children like he’s going to do it by himself

Posted on 23 November 2015

So brave.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who like to give people that little nudge to really egg them on, have come out to heap praises on a fellow Singaporean whose name has a blue tick beside it.

This after the Singaporean man with a blue tick beside his name said all ISIS terrorist children needs to be killed, like he is so going to see to it himself.

In response, one Singaporean, Chen Zhan, said: “The Singaporean with a blue tick beside his name is so brave, using his keyboard to such courageous effect.”

“It is almost as if he is going to pilot his own fighter jet to Syria, pull out a machine gun and shoot all the ISIS terrorists and children by himself.”

“But he is, in fact, defeating the terrorists remotely via Facebook.”

“I’ve never met a man so brave in using words to defeat the terrorists.”

Other locals said the Singaporean with a blue tick beside his name is so strong and manly because he can type such powerful Facebook posts and fight terrorism with each passing stroke of his keyboard.

Gong Jiao Wei, another Singaporean woman, said: “He is so manly to voice his opinions in such a gung-ho fashion. Makes my panties wet.”

“He should write more of such Facebook posts. This would really show the ISIS terrorists who is more terrifying and who really means business.”






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