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S’pore Tourism Board reveals existence of supernatural through Instagram

Posted on 02 November 2015

Welcome to Hell.

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The Singapore Tourism Board has revealed the existence of the supernatural through their Instagram account.

This after they published a photograph of a Nonya ghost with her head turned 180 degrees backwards. The picture shows the Nonya ghost pulling a man to the pits of hell as an elderly man observes them in amusement.

The Internet has been buzzing with theories about the photograph taken at Haw Par Villa and what it could mean for the future of Singaporean tourism.

A spokesperson for the authorities, Boh Moh, said: “The photograph of Ms Pon Tianak was taken to promote the next phase of our tourism strategy. After Garden City and City in a Garden, Singapore’s future catchphrase will be Garden in a Graveyard.”

“We plan to leverage the worldwide interest in the supernatural. For instance, the haze which envelops our country every year will thrill fans of the popular horror video game series, Silent Hill.”

“Tourists will be impressed by the value for money which Singapore has to offer. Instead of visiting a single house built on top of a burial ground in America, they can come to Singapore and visit entire housing estates built on top of cemeteries.”

Boh Moh continued: “We’re very happy to have the cooperation of Ms Pon Tianak, and hope she can continue to assist us in future photoshoots. Her ability to turn her head 180 degrees allows us to show off all parts of her kebaya, and her ayam buah keluak is spectacular.”






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