Franchise’s success encouraged Jack Neo to shoot Ah Boys To Women 4

Posted on 07 November 2015

The fourth movie in the series will take a closer look at fluidity of gender and concept of “transformation”.


Buoyed by the latest success of Ah Boys To Men 3: Frogmen, as the third movie in Jack Neo’s franchise raked in $2.83 million in four days over the Chinese New Year period in Singapore to make it the Asian film with the biggest box office takings, a fourth movie is in the works and will tentatively be called Ah Boys To Women 4.

Saying how there is a need to address criticisms that he only makes movies for money and not artistic value or art for art’s sake, director Jack Neo and the studio involved in the Ah Boys franchise has green-lighted a fourth movie that would be devoid of commercial value and product placements.

One studio executive, Jin Guai Lan, said: “We have seen the boys go through army and navy already. Basically, that means they have conquered all in Singapore.”

“What else would the audience want to watch? Ah Boys To KPMG Auditor? Maybe, but that means they will be socially-awkward and not very conversant.”

Ah Boys To Neighbourhood Policemen? And then have them cycle around rescuing cats stuck in trees?”

Ah Boys To Bloggers? We have enough of that drama the past year already.”

“So, naturally, we will be making Ah Boys To Women 4. It will be a movie about change, in the most drastic sense of the word, which will undertake as its mission — the answering of the bigger questions about life and society in general.”

Singaporeans who heard of this latest announcement said they have seen enough of Jack Neo’s main male characters going through the motions of being infantile boys who turn into pre-pubescent adults, so the transformation into women is novel but natural, as gender transformation will be easy for the boys to portray.

One Singaporean woman, Jin Kao Peh, said: “I hope this next movie will be something similar to Eat Pray Love about finding one’s self.”

And it looks like this objective is already being worked into the script.

Speaking to the media, director Jack Neo, said: “I hope that the fourth part of the series can provide more transcendental elements as it will be a story about hope and acceptance as a result of unconventional change.”

“I believe Ah Boys To Women 4 would be a story about finding one’s self and one’s place in Singapore society. It can take on topics like coming to terms with one’s identity and how that identity can be a function of how society sees itself rather than how queer people see queer people.”

“Plus, it will be shot with a lot of low lighting and mood music to appease the artistic types.”

“As the first three Ah Boys To Men movies have made enough money, we will not put commercial considerations at the forefront, which means no more product placements.”

“Instead, the fourth movie will work on the artistic aspects and aim to make it as a submission to Cannes.”

“This is to address the criticisms that Jack Neo is not an artistic director but someone who does things mainly for money.”

“This is largely true, but we will show that any director who does things for money also has the capability of making a movie with artistic value that can be thought-provoking and disguise itself as high-brow conceptual fare that provides social commentary but, ultimately, leaves audiences flabbergasted and scratching their heads.”

“In Singapore, you make a commercial movie, you’d be vilified by the arts community.”

“On the other hand, if you make an artistic movie that can only win awards, that will effectively be the last movie you make as you’d be shunned by the studios because you got no commercial potential.”

“It’s really about bloody time someone in Singapore makes an artistic movie that also makes money. That would really show everybody.”






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