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Essence of chicken industry collapses after S’pore stopped revealing PSLE top scores

Posted on 25 November 2015

Lack of essence of chicken ambassadors caused efficacy of product to diminish.


The essence of chicken industry in Singapore has officially collapsed this year.

This after Singapore stopped publishing the PSLE high scores since 2013 in a bid to emphasise that all schools are good schools so that you will believe egalitarian outcomes can be dictated without looking like a Communist country.

Sources told New Nation that without PSLE high scores being made known, essence of chicken drinks cannot be properly marketed, resulting in the efficacy of the product to decline drastically.

One essence of chicken drink spokesperson, Lim Gui Zeng, explained: “In Singaporeans’ minds, things are very clear cut one.”

“If the government says PSLE high scores cannot be revealed, in people’s minds it means there are no PSLE high scorers.”

“And if there are no PSLE high scorers, it means essence of chicken drinks don’t work because they cannot produce top scorers.”

“All link one.”






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