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Civil servants look forward to 4-month year-end bonus after helping PAP win 70% strong mandate

Posted on 04 November 2015

Accepting credit where credit is due.


Civil servants from all walks of life who are part of the 70 percent are rubbing their hands in anticipation and expecting a big four-month year-end bonus as 2015 comes to a close.

This expectation for a windfall payoff comes after the PAP won the General Election 2015 with a strong mandate.

One civil servant, Jin Gian Lui, said she cannot think of a reason why her fellow civil servants do not deserve more money: “The strong mandate the PAP received is the result of the work of the civil service.”

“If it wasn’t for the civil service, there wouldn’t be the PAP in the first place.”

However, not all civil servants feel this entitled.

One other civil servant, Zhen Fu Gong, said: “I think a five-month bonus is more like it.”

“Because you can always count on the civil service to form the 70 percent silent majority. Wink.”






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