10% swing voters in S’pore repent, apologise to PAP for voting against them during GE2011

Posted on 06 November 2015

They promise not to make life difficult for the PAP again, will obey all diktats issued by party.


The 10 percent swing voters in Singapore from some walks of life, who voted for the opposition in GE2011 but voted for PAP in GE2015, are begging on their hands and knees for forgiveness while apologising profusely.

This after they admitted they were wrong and are now repenting for the error of their ways by voting the opposition in GE2011.

One 10 percent swing voter, Wo De Cuo, said he will only forgive his mistake if the ruling party in all their kindness will forgive him first: “I would like to take responsibility for my actions and thoughtless mistake voting for the opposition four years ago.”

“I have brought shame unto my family.”

“I know voting for the PAP in GE2015 will barely make up for my mistake, but it is still a starting point on the road to redemption for me and my loved ones, who I have also wronged and put in jeopardy.”

Other apologetic and repentant swing voters said they would like to take this opportunity to make up for their ill-conceived actions by promising not to do anything to make life difficult for the PAP ever again.

One other voter, Guai Wo Ba, said: “I am sorry, PAP. Please forgive me and my family for we have sinned against you.”

“We should not have voted for the opposition in GE2011. We are now repenting for our mistake. We will uncritically accept all your policies from now on without complaints.”

“I’d also like to make amends by donating my salary to the party to make up for the emotion and mental suffering PAP MPs must have undergone the last few years.”

At press time, several swing voters have committed hara-kiri.






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