S’pore drivers provide Traffic Police 3-hour & 24-hour average breath alcohol content reading at road block

Posted on 24 October 2015

Exact immediate breathalyser reading not as important as long term readings, Traffic Police told.


Drivers in Singapore from all walks of life, who have been affected by the haze from Indonesia this past month, are offering 3-hour and 24-hour breath alcohol content breathalyser readings when stopped at the Traffic Police road blocks.

This after they learnt that it is the average reading over a prolonged period of time that is important and not the reading at any given exact moment that matters.

One Singaporean driver, Lim Kah Tor, said: “The prescribed legal limit for breath alcohol content is 35 microgram of alcohol per 100ml of breath.”

“But in any given 24-hour period, my breath alcohol content is about zero to 1 microgram of alcohol per 100ml of breath when averaged out over one day.”

“Therefore, I am obliged to give this figure to the police at any road block and educate them that it is the long term level that determines one’s health, like how the 3-hour and 24-hour PSI level is more important than any given moment’s PSI level.”

“As anyone can tell by now, the 24-hour reading is always the best.”

“Moreover, the alcohol content in one’s breath is not as important as the type of alcohol one has consumed.”

“If you’re a sleepy drunk, you shouldn’t drink wine as it will make you tired.”

“If you’re an emo drunk, you mustn’t drink beer as you will think you are okay but then it hits you all of a sudden.”

“If you’re a hyper drunk, you mustn’t drink hard liquor such as vodka as you will get hyper and crash very fast.”

“And if you’re a flirty drunk, you really shouldn’t be drinking anything because you’d wake up with herpes.”






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