City Harvest Church goers apologise to Kong Hee for causing him to be found guilty of fraud

Posted on 26 October 2015

They said they should have given him more money then none of this would have happened.


Thousands of City Harvest Church goers from that particular walk of life, who believe they are walking with their saviour, bowed their heads low and closed their eyes in anguish as they repeatedly said they are sorry.

This after they apologised to City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee for causing him to be found guilty of fraud with five other current and former leaders of the church.

One church goer, Yeshu Aini, said the responsibility is his to bear: “It is my fault. I should have given 50 percent of my monthly allowance to Kong Hee instead of just 30 percent.”

“I was too stingy and this caused him to do unlawful things to find ways to get more money to give to God.”

“I can only blame myself.”

Other church goers said there can be no one else left to blame for Kong Hee’s predicament but those who were still present in the congregation.

The church goer, Qu Jiao Tang, said: “We must blame all those who are still in the church now and were here all along, because those who left, have obviously absolved themselves of responsibility.”

“But look at us. We are still in this congregation and we have been and are still able to help, but it looks like we haven’t tried hard enough.”

“If we put our hearts and minds into it, we could have made a difference and Pastor Kong Hee wouldn’t be in trouble.”

“It is really the congregation’s mistake. And for that we are sorry, Pastor Kong Hee.”

At press time, current church goers said they will borrow money to give to the church if it makes the place better.






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  • Ming ThedestinyGm

    God will not acpted any thing if the money is come from a wrong side… If he wanted to help people why dont he donate money to help all the yazidi girls that really need alot of help as they also part of christian

  • Katherina

    This is a 100% untrue story, I would like to request the admins behind the post to take it down or legal actions can be taken against.

    • Mel

      Hell Yes! This should be taken down because everyone of us know that Yeshu Aini and Qu Jiao Tang would never make such remark! How can they put words into YeShu Aini and Qu Jiao Tang’s mouth!

      • Boo

        You do know the names YESU AINI and QU JIAO TANG translates from mandarin to “JESUS LOVES YOU” and “GO TO CHURCH” right??

    • New Nation

      Like how City Harvest Church threatened to take legal action against whistleblower Roland Poon Swee Kay? That’s okay, we like him have 12 years to wait to be proven right.

    • Joseph

      I think you should google “satire”

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  • Jets

    This is what happens with media liberty… You feel you are more informed but you get led by the nose. Unfortunately people often conclude with baseless media rather than to seek the truth…

    • Merv

      It’s a SA-TI-RE. Everyone internet-literate in Singapore knows New Nation is a satire site (whether humorous or not, debatable, but not the issue here).

      Go Google what satire is, if you don’t know.

    • Chris Low

      Do everyone a favour and search the word ‘satire’.

  • Mike

    Funny funny news 😀

  • Clement Pwnedyrday

    wow…this is fked up! Hard core kong hee’s fans…its like they are worshipping kong hee instead of GOD….what nonsese, he do unlawful things cos u r not giving enough? Bullshit…how many ppl give him already…he already have like 1500000000% x yr 30percent in his bank…lol

  • FreeThinker

    the best part is “Yeshu Aini” in chinese to english mean Jesus Love you, another one is “Qu Jiao Tang” from chinese to english is Go To Church, do CHC ppl use fake name?

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