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S’poreans upset last Cabinet meeting before new swearing-in featured a long table instead

Posted on 30 September 2015

They will complain matter to United Nations.


Photo stolen from here

Singaporeans from all walks of life, who will notice an anomaly when they see one, are upset about a photo showing PAP ministers having their last Cabinet meeting before the swearing-in of the new ministers.

This after the photo showed the group of PAP ministers seated around a long table with no cabinet in sight.

One Singaporean, Pian Ren De, said he could not believe his eyes: “How can there be a long table in place of a cabinet in a Cabinet meeting?”

“Is the government so poor they cannot afford a cabinet? Where is all the CPF money? Can’t some of it be used to finance a proper cabinet.”

Other Singaporeans said besides being highly distressing, the photo constitutes false advertising, a serious enough charge that must be reported to the world government, the United Nations.

Another local, Zho Zheng Hu, said: “They should really call it a Table meeting if they were really serious about proper governance and being accountable to the people.”






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