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S’pore to experiment with 28-hour days to give SMRT extra time each day to maintain tracks

Posted on 25 September 2015

This is to address the problem of lack of downtime for maintenance.


In a bid to ensure 70 percent of Singaporeans get the Singapore they deserve having approved of the new way forward, Singapore is implementing 28-hour days in place of regular 24-hour days.

This after the government vowed to give SMRT sufficient time to maintain its tracks, by making full use of the strong mandate given by the people.

The Singapore government discovered that adding four additional hours a day to the traditional globally-recognised 24-hour cycle is much easier than expecting SMRT to fix its tracks on time over a few hours overnight before the tracks that were fixed earlier start breaking down again.

One government spokesperson, Gan Shi Jian, said: “If we cannot fix the track, we might as well fix time itself.”

“This way, SMRT will be able to tackle the problem at its root, which is really, a lack of time.”

“And by having 28-hour days, we are also effectively extending the time before the next General Election in 2020 arrives.”

Singaporeans who heard of this plan said they are supportive of it.

One local, Bao Fo Jiao, said: “After considering which task is easier, I guess they decided that extending the day to 28 hours is still more doable than expecting the tracks to be fixed on time.”

“But not doing much to maintain the tracks the past 20 years and trying to do everything now feels a lot like last minute grab Buddha leg.”






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