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Free illegal parking as summon aunties cannot work outdoors in deteriorating haze conditions

Posted on 25 September 2015

The only good news during this period of hazing.


Singaporeans from all walks of life, who have had it up to here tearing coupons all their lives, are rejoicing.

This after the haze in Singapore has taken a turn for the worst with PSI levels exceeding 300 island-wide and looking to reach Hazardous levels.

This signals that all personnel are advised to stay indoors, which means there will not be summon aunties working outdoors during this period to issue parking tickets.

One Singaporean, Jia Qi Che, said: “I am going to park right on this double yellow line here. You see that? You know what, I might just park on this jagged yellow line instead.”

“Because no one can stop me.”

Other Singaporeans said they will not bother putting any parking coupons this week, as long as the PSI level continues to exceed Unhealthy levels.

One other Singaporean, Boh Cheng Hu, said: “I am going to park in the CBD area during office hours and not bother putting a single coupon the whole day.”

“Who is going to summon me? The summon aunties don’t get paid enough to work in the haze.”

At press time, numerous cars are seen parked alongside bus stops, taxi stands and on zebra crossings.






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