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Chang’e personally thanks S’poreans for eating mooncake, royalties help finance her house

Posted on 27 September 2015

Her Lunar Cove house would not have been possible otherwise.


Chang’e, The Immortal One, has sent an email CC-ed to all Singaporeans to thank them for eating a lot of mooncakes this Mooncake Festival.

The email arrived in the inbox of all Singaporeans at about 11 p.m. last night.

In it, Chang’e addressed her shareholders on Earth, reminding them about the good deeds they are doing on her behalf: “Every time you devour a snow skin or traditional mooncake, just remember you are doing a good deed as you are financing my Lunar Cove home here on the moon.”

She also wrote: “This is what you are meant to do. Give money and you shall receive — you’d get mooncakes in return.”

She continued: “I would love to crossover to Earth to say ‘Hi’ to you all again. But this round tripping going back and forth space travel might cost me $700,000 in air fares, which is too expensive.”






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  • Evernal Sue

    I’ll be her hou yi and we’ll have a beautiful little jade rabbit