S’poreans react to audience member standing up to sing Home at National Day Rally 2015

Posted on 24 August 2015

Three thoughts that must have went past your mind at some point.


An audience member stood up to sing along to Kit Chan’s Home at the National Day Rally 2015.

She was later identified as Wu Jiezhen, 26, executive director of The Hidden Good, a social startup that aims to uncover and celebrate the good in Singapore and the community by hosting flashmobs and posting videos of volunteers and Singaporeans engaging in acts of kindness.

Wu said it is okay to be unapologetically enthusiastic about standing up for Singapore, which was the reason why she stood up to sing.

Here are three thoughts Singaporeans have:


sian-half-auntie “No wonder Singapore’s GDP is stagnating at 2 percent per year because doing good was never a business.”
Zuo Shan Shi, 44-year-old charity worker


sian-half-uncle “People like her really make a mess out of the bell curve.”
Pu Tong Ren, 66-year-old average returns investor


happy-bird-girl “I wouldn’t mind standing up to sing but as long as it doesn’t scream wayang.”
Chang Guo Ge, 18-year-old KTV songstress










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  • Lost Sporean

    Big Wayang one way to get national notice. Of couse its screams she wants attention. Good way to promote her so call social service.