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PAP set to become biggest opposition party in S’pore once GE2015 results are out

Posted on 15 August 2015

This will allow them to work hard to prove that they are electable for GE2019.


The People’s Action Party is set to become the largest opposition party Singapore has ever known, according to Singaporeans from all walks of life who like to politicise things.

This after Singaporeans said the PAP stands a good chance of losing as many as all the GRCs and SMCs this coming general election expected to be held in 2015 and not being able to form the majority in parliament.

This will make the PAP the de facto opposition political party as the other parties would then become the incumbent.

One Singaporean, Hor Yee See, said this arrangement is beneficial for Singapore and Singaporeans: “As the biggest opposition party, PAP would then have to work hard for Singapore and Singaporeans to show that they are electable before the next poll in GE2019.”

“This means they would have to prove themselves to Singaporeans that they can make a difference in everybody’s lives by working even harder than when they were in political office to win back their seat.”

“The best part is, as the opposition working hard to help Singaporeans, we wouldn’t have to pay the PAP any taxpayers’ money compared to when they are in parliament.”

“This is the true test of whether they still have the heart to serve the people.”

At press time, this logic is seizing the nation as a moment of enlightenment and clarity.






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